A Very Modern Dictionary (Original Edition)

//A Very Modern Dictionary (Original Edition)

A Very Modern Dictionary (Original Edition)

Over 400 words, phrases, acronyms & slang to keep your culture game on fleek

By Tobias Anthony


Struggling to keep up culturally? Don’t know what the phrase ‘on fleek’ means? Look no further than here.

The modern world is tough – what with all these new fangled words and phrases. Do you know your “bromance” from your “dudevorce”, your “turnt” from your “on fleek”? How about “bae” or “doe”. Or “Fomo”, “Lit AF”, “Tea” (not the drink), “Dead” (not the state of non-being)? How about the other meaning of “thirsty”? And do you know how to “throw shade”? We get it – communicating in the modern world is hard. Let us be your guide.


About the author

Tobias Anthony is an author and university lecturer in creative writing. He has recently completed a PhD examining the representations of mass culture in contemporary fiction.

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Publication dateMarch 2017 (Australia/NZ · US · UK)
Dimensions180 mm  x  110 mm
Extent160 pages