This is the perfect book for romantics, language nerds, travel enthusiasts and anyone on a round-the-world trip hoping to meet the love (or loves?) of their life! The world’s sexiest languages (according to Hollywood) are covered, like French, Italian and Spanish. But with 150 dialects explored in this book, you can also learn those fateful three words in Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, Chhattisgarhi, Ewe, Guarani, Ojibwe and Tatar. Plus, there’s a few make-believe languages – like Klingon, Na’vi, Dothraki and Elvish – for your next Cosplay conference. How to Say I Love You in (Almost) Every Language will be your wing-person, wherever you are in the globe (be it on-the-ground or online).

Each entry in this beautifully designed gift book has a pronunciation guide and tells you where the language is spoken in the world, so you’ll be sure to say I Love You perfectly every time. Let’s get more love in the world!