In Line to the Throne

//In Line to the Throne

In Line to the Throne

Prince Charles and the next 29 in waiting

By Jeremy Cassar and Tobias Anthony


We all know who’s next in line to the throne. Or do we?

Well, yes, of course we do. It goes Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and then Harry. But what if by some fluke of intervention these five lost their stake to claim the crown and sceptre?

What then? Can you name the next five in line? Or the five after that?

In Line to the Throne boldly imagines the day Edward, Prince of Blunders, takes the reins. We’re readying ourselves for the coronation of Queen Beatrice of Headpieces; envisioning the moment a little person named Isla sits in the big chair and orders the muzzling of her grandmother’s rogue dogs; and we’re even getting ready to welcome in, as King, a boy named after a tree. So, come on, get yourself acquainted with some right royal knowledge about the lesser-known heirs to the British monarchy.


About the author

Jeremy Cassar is a Sydney-based freelance writer and screenwriter.

Tobias Anthony is an author and university lecturer in creative writing. He has recently completed a PhD examining the representations of mass culture in contemporary fiction.

Book details

Publication dateJune 2016 (Australia/NZ · UK)
Dimensions185 mm  x  160 mm
Extent80 pages