What Your Dog Says About You

//What Your Dog Says About You

What Your Dog Says About You

How your pet's breed matches your personality

By Liam Ryan


Ever wanted to know what people think of you as you swan round the neighbourhood with a chihuahua in hand? Ever watched someone being dragged about by a dog the size of a horse and wondered what that person is really like? Ever wondered what kind of people are able to live in harmony alongside cattle dogs containing more energy than the earth’s sun?

Well ponder no more, because contained in this handy guide is a foolproof analysis of the world’s top breeds and what we can infer about their owners. Because, like us humans, dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and dispositions – from pitbulls and pomeranians to weimaraner and weird little ones without names. Whatever pooch you choose to feed, love and pick up the poop of, speaks volumes about what makes you tick.


About the author

Liam Ryan is a Melbourne-based comedian, writer and owner of ridiculous hair. He has gigged across Australia as a standup, improvisor and as part of award-winning sketch trio WATSON. His comedy has been featured on ABC TV, Nova and ABC radio, and he writes regularly for SBS Comedy. He was recently featured in Best Australian Comedy Writing (Affirm Press) and previously edited the humour book Dammit, Science: Where’s My Hoverboard? (Hardie Grant).

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Publication dateSeptember 2016 (Australia/NZ · US · UK)
Dimensions185 mm  x  169 mm
Extent96 pages