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The ultimate book of trivia
By Hannah Koelmeyer


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About 90s TV Quizpedia

How well do you remember 90s TV? These 450+ questions will put even the most knowledgeable to the test!

Sunnydale High School was attended by which stake-wielding teen? Edwina and Patsy are the champagne-guzzling duo from which hit TV show? Which main cast member does not appear in the Seinfeld pilot?

Showcase your knowledge of the pre-streaming TV era, from The Fresh Prince to Buffy, and everything in between. Get quizzing, because the truth it out there!

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Publication date
October 2023 ()
October 2023 (US)
September 2023 (UK)
200 mm × 135 mm
96 pages

About the author

Hannah Koelmeyer is an editor and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.