A celebration of floral beauty in botanical art
By Jeanne Batiste


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About Biblioflora

A stunning collection of botanical art, featuring nature’s most beautiful blooms.

Biblioflora is a captivating compendium that brings together an exquisite collection of floral masterpieces from botanical artists across the ages. Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, and emotions as each page unveils the timeless allure of flowers through the eyes of artistic and scientific visionaries. This anthology celebrates the universal language of blossoms that has inspired and captivated the human spirit throughout history.

Biblioflora is a visual feast that not only showcases the incredible diversity of flora but also pays homage to the enduring power of art to evoke joy, contemplation and wonder. Let this enchanting volume adorn your living space and transport you to a world where petals tell stories and beauty transcends time.

Book details

Publication date
September 2024 ()
October 2024 (US)
October 2024 (UK)
265 mm × 210 mm
304 pages

About the author

Jeanne Batiste is a writer and flower obsessive who lives in London, near her favourite place in the entire world: Kew Gardens.