Bowie Bingo

Icon. Rock God. Alien. Bingo!
By Niki Fisher

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About Bowie Bingo

This flat-pack bingo game is a perfect gift for the true David Bowie fan (i.e. any person who can hear, love, and/or think). This box contains: 1 giant game board, 8 double-sided (and randomised) bingo cards, 48 tokens, and 150 counters, all bursting with Bowie references.

Designed to be played with 1–7 people, and certainly with your favorite Bowie record blasting in the background. Have fun picking a favourite!

(Bowie Bingo includes more detailed instructions on how to play.)

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Publication date
November 2020 (Australia/NZUK)
October 2020 (US)

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