Campsite Games

50 fun games to play in nature
By Lucy Jones and Shelby Warwood


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About Campsite Games

The essential games companion for your next camping trip!

Travel has become a little … complicated over the past few years, and more and more of us are revelling in the simple pleasures of getting back to nature and the joys of the humble camping trip.

Enter Campsite Games, 50 of the best games to play in nature, whether you’re sat around the campfire or huddled in your tent or RV. Featuring timeless classics such as Celebrity heads, Scattergories, Spooky stories, and Flashlight tag, as well as new games that will test your knowledge (and perhaps your friendships!), this beautifully illustrated deck will keep you and your friends or family entertained in the great outdoors.

Book details

Publication date
July 2024 ()
May 2025 (US)
September 2024 (UK)
135 mm × 95 mm
51 pages

About the author

Lucy Jones is a media specialist with a background in digital content and website management. As a writer and editor, she has set the tone for several prominent arts and culture titles. Lucy is an insightful storyteller, and her writing is cleverly observed, clear and approachable. As an active internet user, pop culture obsessive and experienced cultural commentator, she understands the content audiences care about and knows how to deliver it.

Shelby Warwood is based in east Austin, where she can often be found working away with her Boston Terriers, Maxwell & Penny Lou, by her side. She loves traveling and gets out of town whenever possible. In her free time, you can find her seeking out the perfect pastry, walking her dogs along the river, thrifting, or sipping a cocktail, and reading on the patio.