Grow Your Own Pet Plants

A cute guide to choosing and caring for your leafy friends
By Andrew Mikolajski


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About Grow Your Own Pet Plants

Plants make great pets – they’re quiet, decorative, housetrained and (mostly) low-maintenance – and with this helpful guide, you’ll soon be the perfect plant parent!

Grow Your Own Pet Plants has all the information you’ll need for green-thumbed success, from learning which plant to take home to how to help your leafy friend thrive in all conditions. Andrew Mikolajski provides helpful tips, from how to nurse and propagate cuttings to choosing a plant which suits your home and lifestyle. With a simple guide to more than 40 plant personalities and easy care advice, from feeding and grooming to showing off them off to guests, you’ll soon be a proud owner of a new collection of pet plants.

Book details

Publication date
April 2021 (Australia/NZUSUK)
230 mm × 190 mm
120 pages

About the author

Andrew Mikolajski is a gardener, lecturer, public speaker and broadcaster, based in Northamptonshire, England. He’s written over 30 books about caring for and loving your plants.