Pocket Plantcare

A handy guide to raising 50 of your best-loved indoor plants
By Amberly Kramhoft and Andrew Mikolajski


About Pocket Plantcare

Become a green thumb in no time with this fun plant care deck.

Looking for tips on how to care for your plants? Look no further than this deck of 50 cards! Featuring a wide variety of indoor plants, from the African Milk Tree to the Zebra Cactus, each card is packed with helpful tips and tricks for keeping your plants happy and healthy.

Book details

Publication date
April 2024 ()
May 2024 (US)
May 2024 (UK)
135 mm × 95 mm
50 pages

About the author

Amberly Kramhoft is an illustrator and artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Andrew Mikolajski is a gardener, lecturer, public speaker and broadcaster, based in Northamptonshire, England. He’s written over 30 books about caring for and loving your plants.