Road Trip Games

50 fun games to play in the car
By Lucy Jones


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About Road Trip Games

Games to keep you and your friends entertained on your next road trip.

The essential companion for when you hit the road. With 50 beautifully illustrated cards, this deck features games to keep all ages entertained. From timeless originals like Categories to modern classics like Explain a film plot badly, these Road Trip Games will fill your journey with laughter, singing, and fun.

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Publication date
October 2022 (Australia/NZ)
September 2022 (US)
September 2022 (UK)
Shelby Warwood

About the author

Shelby Warwood is based in east Austin, where she can often be found working away with her Boston Terriers, Maxwell & Penny Lou, by her side. She loves traveling and gets out of town whenever possible. In her free time, you can find her seeking out the perfect pastry, walking her dogs along the river, thrifting, or sipping a cocktail, and reading on the patio.