The Book of Taylor

50 reasons Taylor Swift rules the world
By Billie Oliver and Stephanie Spartels


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About The Book of Taylor

Everything you need to know about the queen of the charts and our hearts.

From her signature red lip to her endless list of chart-topping hits, Taylor Swift if a force to be reckoned with. Every blank space in The Book of Taylor has been filled with colourful collages of our fave cat-loving, Grammy-winning, country-pop queen, alongside 50 T-Swiz facts, including her biggest fears, her unpublished manuscript, her go-to drive-through order and more. Go beyond friendship bracelets and get to know your dream BFF on a whole other level.

Book details

Publication date
August 2024 ()
September 2024 (US)
June 2024 (UK)
185 mm × 160 mm
104 pages

About the author

Stephanie Spartels is a Melbourne-based designer, illustrator and lover of all things visual.