The Mustache Bible

Practical tips & tricks to create 40 distinct styles
By Theodore Beard


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About The Mustache Bible

The mustache is back. Walk through any inner-city neighbourhood and you’ll note the subtle shift from full-blown beards to the far superior, gentlemanly mustache. Today, the modern man uses the mustache to accent his face and personality. So he better get it right.

This book is an easy step-by-step guide to crafting forty classic and contemporary mustache styles. Think beyond the ’70s porn-star’ or Tom Selleck’s lip slug to cooler versions, including the Horseshoe, the Dalí, the freestyle, the Fu Manchu and the B-Boy. Add some serious style to your face this spring.

Perfectly timed to release for Movember – a charity push for men to grow a moustache in November to help raise money for men’s health.

Book details

Publication date
October 2018 (USUK)
180 mm × 130 mm
176 pages
Pepe Nymi

About the author

Theodore Beard is a writer, illustrator and artist based in Milan, Italy. He sports a classic handlebar, which he insists never went out of style.