The Shark Deck

A deep dive on 50 fascinating sharks
By Dr Charlotte Birkmanis and Gustav Dejert


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About The Shark Deck

Sink your teeth into this illustrated deck of the ocean’s most notorious inhabitants.

Written by marine biologist and full-time shark enthusiast
Dr Charlotte Birkmanis, this beautifully illustrated deck is full of expert knowledge on 50 remarkable shark species.

From iconic sharks like the great white, tiger and hammerhead, to the lesser-known but equally captivating cookiecutter, wobbegong and goblin sharks, discover the biology, habitat, diet, conservation status, maximum size and a ‘fin fact’ about each of these fascinating fish.

Book details

Publication date
April 2024 ()
May 2024 (US)
May 2024 (UK)
95 mm × 135 mm
51 pages

About the author

Dr Charlotte Birkmanis is a marine biologist who researches sharks, with a PhD on where sharks are and why they are there through time and space!

Gustav Dejert is an animator and illustrator who has worked across animation, app design, editorial and books. He loves working on children’s books.