Tiki Cocktails

200 Super Summery Drinks
By David Adams


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About Tiki Cocktails

Break open the coconuts, bring out the rum, the rainbow leis and the Hawaiian tunes – it’s Tiki party time! Put a burst of the tropics in your daily life with these classic and contemporary Tiki cocktails. Best exemplified by the mighty rum-based Mai Tai and Zombie drinks, Tiki Cocktails includes 200 summery concoctions complemented by cute, retro illustrations throughout, making it a fun gift book.

Tiki bars and cocktails first burst onto the scene in the 1930s with the arrival of the first Polynesian-themed bar and restaurant Don the Beachcomber, in Hollywood. This was the beginning of the contemporary tiki bar culture we still see today. Exemplified by the elaborately decorative, mostly rum-based, tropical cocktails (think cocktail umbrellas, hollowed-out pineapples and coconuts) and over-the-top decoration brighter than a Hawaiian shirt, tiki has endured. Why? Quite simply, these are classic cocktails that have lasted because they taste so damn delicious – and can instantly evoke summer with every sip (through an elaborately curled straw)

Book details

Publication date
September 2017 (UK)
May 2017 (US)
193 mm × 135 mm
264 pages

About the author

Melbourne-based David Adams is a stand-up comedian, illustrator, designer, writer and avid cocktail drinker. He has performed at countless comedy festivals over the last 20 years as part of musical-comedy act Elbowskin.