Tiny Gentle Asians

By Melissa Kenny


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About Tiny Gentle Asians

In our current global political climate, we are exposed daily to horrible images of war and pain. Then sometimes, mercifully, we are thrown a lifeline. The viral Instagram account Tiny Gentle Asians is precisely one such lifeline. It’s a suite of fun and uplifting images, showcasing adorable pictures of babies – often chubby to the point of absurd – taken by doting mothers across Asia. ‘It’s the best site,’ says Chelsea Handler, comedian and TV royalty. ‘Every morning there’s a new fat nugget.’ The sassy captions which accompany each image are written by Melissa Kenny, the mastermind behind TGA. Lately, though, she’s been busy… Melissa has just finished her most ambitious project yet: Tiny Gentle Asians, the book!

Loaded with exclusive cute content, this finally brings TGA into the physical world. Each page is a new adventure in newborns. Expect plenty of fat rolls, screwed up cheeks, dimples on dimples, implausible costumes and plenty of crying bubs. With the success of her Instagram, Melissa’s life has been flooded by the endless submissions from photo-mad mums. This book is a careful curation of these submissions, as well as the fruits of her own searches. This book is sure to bring light and joy to any reader with a pulse. We thank Melissa for her noble work in bringing these tots the attention they deserve.

Book details

Publication date
April 2019 (USUK)
185 mm × 160 mm
104 pages

About the author

Melissa Kenny is the creative genius behind the viral Instagram account Tiny Gentle Asians (or TGA, as she calls it). She’s also an Australian-Thai fashion writer, editor and social media consultant.