What’s Next?

The Unofficial Fan Guide to The West Wing
By Aisling Coughlan


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About What’s Next?

Go behind the scenes of the TV show that took us into the inner sanctum of the most powerful building in the world.

What’s Next? is the ultimate companion guide for any fan of The West Wing. Take the ‘Which West Wing Staffer are you?’ quiz to find out if you’re more a C.J. or a Charlie. Help Leo review Big Block of Cheese proposals, and make sure you know your POTUS from your FLOTUS by brushing up on your terminology.

Find the recipe for the finest muffins in all the land while hitting up Lemonlyman.com to see who’s been out and about. With season guides, top episodes, staff profiles and more, What’s Next? contains all you ever wanted to know about President Bartlet’s White House.

Book details

Publication date
November 2021 (Australia/NZ)
October 2021 (US)
October 2021 (UK)
185 mm × 160 mm
96 pages

About the author

Aisling Coughlan is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia.