A party game of brain-twisting debates
By Miranda Dumas


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About Contrarium

A fun brain twister and conversation starter!

What is the opposite of a bridge? What is the opposite of a politician? What is the opposite of ice cream?

Contrarium is a combination of a riddle, a debate or conversation game, and a fun and humourous activity. Players are asked for the opposite of various things. What is the opposite of toast? What is the opposite of ice cream? What is the opposite of a premonition? There are no right or wrong answers. Players try to beat each other by matching their answers to the most common answers which are listed on the cards. It takes only a minute to learn and 10–30 minutes to play, no complicated rules or set-up – just jump straight in and play! Perfect for 2–6 players and can be played in teams with a big group.

Book details

Publication date
September 2024 ()
October 2024 (US)
October 2024 (UK)
74 mm × 58 mm
300 pages

About the author

Miranda Dumas was born and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Miranda loves the creative process of designing games and delights in the thought of Contrarium spreading fun around the world wherever it’s played.