Cute Animal Affirmations

Positive vibes from the animal kingdom
By Patrick Boyle


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About Cute Animal Affirmations

Positive vibes from the goodest boys in the animal kingdom.

Have you ever seen a doggo running on a beach experiencing pure, unadulterated joy and wondered, “What’s his secret?” Have you watched a cat taking the whole afternoon to do nothing but bask in the warm sun and wished you could permit yourself that kind of radical self-care? This inspirational deck taps into the life wisdom of our most adorable furry, finned and feathered friends, to help you channel your own goodest self.

Cute Animal Affirmations
contains 50 cards featuring words of inspiration that these animals would have told you if they could talk. Probably.

Book details

Publication date
February 2023 (Australia/NZ)
January 2023 (US)
February 2023 (UK)
135 mm × 95 mm
50 pages

About the author

Patrick Boyle is a feature writer, columnist and editor, based in Melbourne, Australia. His writing has been published in various pop culture, arts, lifestyle, satire and queer publications.