How to be French

Eat, drink, dress, travel and love la vie française
By Janine Marsh


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About How to be French

Experience the French joie de vivre, wherever you are.

Following on from Maria Pasquale’s How to be Italian, Janine Marsh delves into la vie française in this colourful guide to the French way of life.

From haute cuisine to fashion runways, literature to vineyards, How to be French is full of life lessons on eating, drinking, dressing, travelling and loving with un certain je ne sais quoi. And while we can’t all be tasting the terroir delights of the south, or strolling down cobblestoned streets in the city of lights, we can embrace life the French way and become un petit plus français.

Book details

Publication date
September 2023 (Australia/NZ)
October 2023 (US)
October 2023 (UK)
195 mm × 140 mm
216 pages

About the author

Janine Marsh is a writer and Francophile with one foot in France and one foot in the UK. In 2012, she set up The Good Life France to keep in touch with family and friends. Today, she reaches millions of readers, has written three best-selling books, publishes The Good Life France as a quarterly magazine, and hosts The Good Life France podcast.