It’s Britney … !

50 reasons she's our forever queen
By Billie Oliver


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About It’s Britney … !

A tribute to a star who inspires us to be stronger every day.

Since the 90s, Britney has been the queen of our hearts and radios, delivering an endless list of iconic tracks and defining pop cultural moments, from the VMAs to her Canadian tuxedo and her jaw dropping tours.

Britney’s path has had its ups and downs, but she hasn’t let that stop her, inspiring us all in our own lives. But, while we may know every word of “Toxic” and have a collection of pink hair pom poms, did you know that she got her show biz start Off-Broadway (in a role that was inherited by Natalie Portman)? Have you kept track of all her awards? And do you know the very best of her quotes?

This book is packed with 50 titbits of Britney Spears trivia and collages that are (almost) as iconic as the star herself.

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Publication date
October 2022 (Australia/NZ)
November 2022 (US)
October 2022 (UK)
185 mm × 160 mm
104 pages
Stephanie Spartels

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