Should I Buy This Book?

Life's hardest decisions made easy... by flow chart
By Tobias Anthony


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About Should I Buy This Book?

Should you add your mum as a ‘friend’ on Facebook? How about getting that face tattoo? Is it the right time to quit your job? You’re at a child’s birthday party – is it wise to keep drinking? It’s late at night – are you thinking about texting an ex? Maybe you want to launch your Tinder profile? Before doing anything – think again and consult this book!

Should I Buy This Book? – think of it as the paper equivalent of a magic 8-ball – helps you make the best decision you can for life’s most common dilemmas using a nifty flow-chart. With five main sections – Work; Play; Romance; Family & Friends; and Body & Mind – and over 80 questions considered, we have your whole life covered.

Book details

Publication date
February 2017 (USUK)
210 mm × 170 mm
112 pages

About the author

Tobias Anthony is an author and university lecturer in creative writing. He has recently completed a PhD examining the representations of mass culture in contemporary fiction.