Beer Cocktails

100 recipes using lagers, ales, stouts and more
By David Adams


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About Beer Cocktails

“Turn your refreshing ale into a killer cocktail!”

Gone are the days when a beer cocktail just meant a shandy. Whether you like your brew ice-cold and easy to down, or dark, crafty and complex, today’s vast range of beers makes it the ultimate cocktail ingredient.

Beer Cocktails brings you 100 delicious and inventive ways to complement your brew – from summery classics like the micheleda and lagerita, to sophisticated mixes designed to get the best out of your favourite craft beer.

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Publication date
September 2017 (USUK)
200 mm × 135 mm
152 pages

About the author

Melbourne-based David Adams is a stand-up comedian, illustrator, designer, writer and avid cocktail drinker. He has performed at countless comedy festivals over the last 20 years as part of musical-comedy act Elbowskin.