Feed the Man Meat

70 Mantastic BBQ Recipes
By Oscar Smith


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About Feed the Man Meat

Get cooking!

Since the dawn of man, we’ve been putting hunks of meat over the fire and salivating with anticipation while the roasty, meaty cooking smells draw a hungry crowd.

We may have refined the process a little over the last 2.5 million years, but the fact is that searing a steak or a burger over a flame-licked grill is still one of the most satisfying ways to cook, especially for friends.

This book is your guide to getting the absolute best out of your grill. Whether it’s a modest charcoal bucket or a gas-burning beast with all of the bells and whistles, we’ve got the ultimate recipes for the manliest of gatherings.

Book details

Publication date
August 2016 (UK)
June 2016 (US)
274 mm × 218 mm
176 pages

About the author

Oscar Smith is a Sydney-based food writer and photographer.