How to eat your way through Italy
By Maria Pasquale


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About Mangia

Travel across Italy’s regions through food and discover the best of its produce and dishes.

Travelling Italy isn’t just about the sights, it’s also about the food. For centuries, Italy has cultivated some of the world’s finest produce, from plump tomatoes to nutty parmesan and velvety bottles of wine. It’s a country that revolves around mealtimes, and no visit is complete without experiencing these culinary traditions. Mangia guides us through Italy’s 20 regions, sharing the cuisine that defines each. Learn about their food histories and produce, discover what dishes to try (along with what drinks to pair them with), and learn about culinary festivals and experiences. You don’t have to travel to the boot to try its food, though: Every chapter includes a recipe for readers to experience a bite of Italy in their own kitchens, written by chefs who run some of the world’s best kitchens. In Italy, it’s all about la dolce vita, and there’s nothing that captures that better than a full table full of food.

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About the author

Born in Melbourne, Australia, to Italian parents, Maria Pasquale always knew Rome was her destiny and on a whim, moved to the eternal city in 2011. An unabashed romantic (Rome being her one true love!), she is the creator of popular food, travel and lifestyle blog HeartRome which has readers in over 100 countries. Her blog has been featured by the BBC and Vogue and she contributes regularly to Fodor’s and USA Today. She has published two books.