60+ slurp-tastic recipes
By Deborah Kaloper


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About Ramen-topia

A cookbook all about the iconic Japanese noodle soup – and current hipster obsession – ramen.

Ramen– a classic Japanese soup, usually made with wheat noodles and served in a slow-cooked beef or pork broth with various toppings – has become a cult-like food. Adored by fans across the world for its nourishing, hearty and comforting nature, Ramen-topia shows you how to make the world’s best ramen (with plenty of variations) in your own home.

Not to be confused with that other ramen – 2-minute microwavable noodles from a packet adored by students – Ramen-topia explores the unprocessed, original Japanese comfort food. And with a recipe to suit everyone – including ramen made with vegan stock, as well as making noodles from scratch – this book has you covered.

Book details

Publication date
September 2017 (Australia/NZUSUK)
230 mm × 190 mm
120 pages
Alice Oehr

About the author

Deborah Kaloper is a Californian-raised, Melbourne-based food writer, chef, former pastry chef and now sought-after food stylist. Deb daily works with the best photographers, chefs and writers – and in her downtime she spends it perfecting her ramen broths.