Sweet & Savoury Delights from the Lebanese Bakery
By Hisham Assaad


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About Taboon

An authentic and evocative book featuring the classic baking recipes from around Lebanon.

There is bread and salt between us.

This phrase, symbolising the act of breaking bread together, of welcome, of gratitude, friendship, and trust, epitomises the spirit of the baking culture of the Middle East. And the oven is the beating heart of every community.

This beautifully photographed cookbook explores the vibrant baking culture of Lebanon. Perfectly poised between the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Lebanese food draws influences from myriad cultures and offers a delicious collection of baking recipes to tempt the home baker seeking new taste adventures. Lebanon is a land of culinary richness and a vibrant spirit, and this book tells the story of its baking cuisine: exploring all its regional influences and traditions. Here you will find over 80 recipes for classic home-style breads, traditional family favourites that have been handed down through generations, alongside pastry-shop delicacies, classic cakes, and street-food treats.

Book details

Publication date
October 2024 ()
June 2024 (US)
October 2024 (UK)
254 mm × 203 mm
208 pages

About the author

Hisham Assaad is a Lebanese food stylist, graphic designer, photographer and culinary tour guide, based in Beirut. He is also the author of the blog cookin5m², in which he shares recipes from his compact city kitchen.