A Beginner’s Guide to Chakras

Open the path to positivity, wellness and purpose
By Lisa Butterworth


About A Beginner’s Guide to Chakras

A beginner’s guide to bringing better energy into your life.

Working with the chakras and understanding their energy will add a new depth to your health and well-being.

With roots in ancient India, the chakra system has evolved into a modern-day tool for balance and healing. This introductory book offers an easy-to-understand overview and guidance for tuning into, caring for and engaging with your energetic centres – including chakra-specific yoga poses, crystals, food and herbs and visualisations – for an eye-opening journey towards greater love and expansion.

Book details

Publication date
February 2022 (Australia/NZUSUK)
215 mm × 150 mm
160 pages

About the author

Lisa Butterworth is the West Coast editor of BUST and a founding editor of Tidal. She covers food, fashion, pop culture, women’s issues and more for outlets including Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Elle, Martha Stewart Living, Time Out and New York Magazine while basking in L.A.’s eternal sunshine.