Spritz Fever!

Sixty Champagne and sparkling wine cocktails
By Elouise Anders


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About Spritz Fever!

It’s time you get to the very essence of effervescence.

Your next party guests will love all the cocktail recipes you glean from Spritz Fever! The 60 spritz recipes in Spritz Fever! (and its beautiful watercolour illustrations by Sarah Hankinson) celebrate the most popular cocktail style of the decade. Seeing as most spritzes are low(ish) in alcohol content (well, certainly lower than wine anyway), they’re the ideal companion for any day drinking event. Plus, as most Instagram feeds can attest, spritzes aren’t just a drink… They’re a lifestyle. These bubbly wonders speak to careless Italian summers, spent reclining by the beach in fine and flowing linen.

What can be so easy to forget is that spritzes are so much more than just Aperol and bubbles. In this book, you’ll learn about the classic European liqueurs, like Cynar, Campari, Luxardo Bitter, Meletti, and more. Moreover, you’ll discover the textural nuances between prosecco, cava and Champagne. Plus, read up on how citrus garnishes can be matched to each drink’s flavour profile, and, of course, colour. Above all, follow the perfect ratio of liqueur-to-bubbles for each recipe. Spritz Fever! explains all of this, alongside its dreamy illustrations.

Book details

Publication date
September 2019 (Australia/NZUSUK)
210 mm × 170 mm
152 pages
Sarah Hankinson

About the author

Elouise Anders is a mixologist-turned-culture-writer based in Melbourne. She also consults the city’s finest bars and restaurants on how to best curate drinks lists. She authored Spritz Fever! in 2019.