The Vegan Cake Bible

Bake, build and decorate spectacular cakes
By Sara Kidd


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About The Vegan Cake Bible

Rediscover the baking classics you love with this plant-based cake cookbook.

The Vegan Cake Bible teaches you everything you need to know about making incredible plant-based cakes.

In this easy-to-follow book, author, pastry chef and vegan cake queen Sara Kidd shares her vast knowledge of the science behind vegan baking and how to make foolproof creations every time.

With step-by-step tutorials for frosting and decorating, mix and match ideas, and recipes for gluten-free cakes that actually work, Sara teaches you the ingredients, tools and tips to master the art of vegan baking.

Book details

Publication date
March 2022 (Australia/NZ)
April 2022 (US)
April 2022 (UK)
270 mm × 200 mm
256 pages

About the author

Sara Kidd is rocking the vegan baking scene with her retro flare and eye-popping baking creations and recipes. She is a food writer for Vegan Food & Living (UK) and Nourish Mag (AU). She runs a vegan baking show, Vegan Around the World, in addition to monthly online professional vegan baking workshops.